PUMA RS-X Sneakers

Instant Style and Fun with the Puma RS-0 X Polaroid Sneaker

Puma RS-0 X Polaroid Sneaker

With Christmas just around the corner, I am feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about my childhood when my older brother would pull out his Polaroid camera and snap photos during the family gatherings. Nothing could beat the instant photo that slid out of that camera for everyone to see. Memories were instantly captured and guests could even leave with their very own Polaroid picture to remember the event.

Puma RS-0 X Polaroid Sneaker

The Polaroid instant film camera was a huge hit in the 80’s. Polaroid made instant film photography so much fun. Since Polaroid film has started being made again over the past few years and the Polaroid camera has been revamped into today’s modern instant film camera like the OneStep, the collaboration between Puma and Polaroid couldn’t be more timely with the Puma RX-O X Polaroid Sneaker.

My husband Gary is a Polaroid photographer and he also upcycles vintage Polaroid cameras via his shop, cleans and repairs them, paints them in all sorts of bright and bold color block colorways so, being the fans of Polaroid and Puma that we are, getting our hands on the RS-O X Polaroid sneaker was great!!

Puma RS-0 X Polaroid Sneaker

The Polaroid RS-O X sneaker is a very high quality, incredibly comfortable and the cushioning is superb. The marshmallow color is subtle and goes with just about any outfit. The styling is spot-on with the iconic rainbow colors of the Polaroid color spectrum on the shoe tongue, there is leather and suede overlay, reflective details are also present and they represent the flash of the Polaroid cameras. The attention to detail on this shoe is amazing and it has already become a full-fledged collectors item. I am so excited for Christmas and all the instant Polaroid camera pictures we’ll be taking and capturing this season!!

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