Trend Spotting: Top Accessories for 2020 – Upcycled Polaroid Cameras to Pair with your Nike, Puma and Vans Sneakers

Nike Air Max 1 SE – Upcycled Classics Custom Polaroid Camera by Gary Greco

Farewell 2019 and hello 2020. Listen up fellow sneaker heads, we want to share a top trend for 2020 that will be stylish and functional well into the new decade and it is these fabulous upcycled Polaroid cameras by Gary Greco from Upcycled Classics in spectacular color combos to match your sneakers. Accessorizing with one of these custom color cameras will take your outfit of the day to new levels and we can’t wait to see what combos you’ll be wearing!!

Puma Hot Wheels – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera Gary Greco

Gary shared some of his customer favorites with us that include this super dope Nike Air Max 1 SE and matching upcycled Polaroid camera, the limited edition Puma Hot Wheels sneaker and matching upcycled SX 70 Sonar Polaroid camera, this jaw dropping Disney and Vans collab with matching upcycled Mickey Polaroid camera. I think you are getting the picture (pun intended) of how to accessorize with a cool Upcycled Classics Polaroid camera and why this is a hot trend for 2020!!

Vans Disney Mickey Mouse – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera Gary Greco

Check out Upcycled Classics to order the perfect color combo to match your favorite pair of sneakers, there are so many to choose from and Gary makes sure his camera’s are in tip-top condition by disassembling them, cleaning, and repairing them so they are in perfect working condition, they come with a warranty and are ready to capture all the important moments in your life.

Nike Air Max 2170 Bauhaus Art – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera Gary Greco
Puma RS – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera Gary Greco

I love planning my outfit of the day (matchy-matchy) and taking my Upcycled Classics Polaroid camera out with me, there is no better accessory!! Share your pics with us, we’d love to see what color combo your Upcycled Classics is and how it matches your sneakers.

Puma RS 0 X Polaroid – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera Gary Greco

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Review: Puma RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers

Review: Puma RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers – Yasmina Greco

With each pair of Puma RS-X sneakers I get, it gets tougher to pick a favorite.  Puma has taken their Running System (RS) retro running technology that includes the amazing cushioning from the forefoot through the heel along with stronger upper materials and a fabulous color combo of blues, blacks and hot coral with a hot cubed design and put it all into the Level Up Sneaker.

Review: Puma RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers – Yasmina Greco

Gary and I headed to the playground to shoot these RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers and we planned to have some serious fun!! The shoes feel so good on my feet and one thing many of you may not know real talk for a moment is that I suffer a lot from cramps in my legs and feet (I can get them pretty bad in my toes, arches, shins etc.) and it is very hard to find sneakers that I can wear but when my husband turned me onto the RS-X style from Puma, I cannot tell you how happy I was and that my life changed because I hadn’t worn sneakers in years (I just couldn’t find a pair where I didn’t get foot cramps) until I slipped my tootsies into the RS-X style. The style really molds to the shape of my feet and the extreme cushioning makes it feel like I am walking on air.

Review: Puma RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers – Yasmina Greco
Review: Puma RS-X³ Level Up Sneakers – Yasmina Greco

I love how these Level Up Sneakers move so effortlessly up and down the steps on the playground and all around too!! It felt so freeing to play like a kid and enjoy the outdoors. Also, these are a seriously stylish pair of kicks!! If you suffer from foot troubles too, you might want to consider trying the Puma RS style and see if it can provide some stylish relief like it has for me. I wear my RS-X styles when I walk and exercise. Hope you all are having a lovely holiday season.

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Review: Puma x Rubik’s Cube


Puma just keeps releasing the most colorful and fun shoes!! These are the new Puma collab with Rubik’s Cube for their Puma x Rubik’s Cube collection. The sneakers are the fabulous Puma RS-X3 shoes and are full of colorblocking and Rubik’s Cube detailing that you’ll find on the laces (actual colorful square beads) left shoe has orange, yellow, blue and right shoe has green, white, and red beads. Inside the shoe where your heel goes is the iconic Rubik’s Cube logo and the Puma logo. The back of the shoes has the Rubik’s branding. The soles on these shoes are as hot as the colorblocks!!


This is a men’s shoe but, Puma does a great job at making their shoes unisex and I love that!! Wearing these shoes I couldn’t believe Puma made them even cushier and I felt like I was walking on clouds. I seriously love the RS-X shoes and especially this colorful Rubik’s Cube colorway. Snap up yours before they are all sold out!!


All pics by my sweet hubby Gary Greco.